Transportation for Massachusetts

(T4MA) is dedicated to creating just and equitable transportation so that every community can flourish.

Staff from T4MA standing in a group together

Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), established in 2010, is a statewide coalition focused on improving Massachusetts’ transportation systems. T4MA is committed to addressing the decades of inequitable transportation policies adversely impacting low-income, working class, Black, indigenous and communities of color.
T4MA works towards a Commonwealth with transportation systems that connect people with their choice of housing, economic opportunities, healthcare, and accessible and reliable public transportation that benefits residents in all 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. Our coalition advocates at the federal, state, and local levels for transportation policies that are just, safe, reliable, accessible, equitable and affordable.

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Our goal is to eliminate disparities and improve outcomes for everyone, particularly those that have been historically, disproportionately impacted by transportation injustice, are transit dependent, and/or are underserved by our transportation systems.

Everyone deserves safe, reliable, accessible, equitable and affordable transportation. Join us in advancing transportation justice for all so that every community can flourish.

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